Why Do You Need Coaching?

Let me answer this question for you, you don’t! 

This may seem contradictory, however it is the truth.  This is a similar concept as to having a personal trainer or a financial advisor.  When you hire a personal trainer you are making a commitment to yourself that you are serious about working out and following through with it. 

So, when you choose to hire a life coach you have suggested you are SERIOUS about moving forward with your life goals, and achieving your highest potential. 

Hiring a life coach is a “choice!”

Many people have no idea what a life coach is or what a coach can do for you. In fact most individuals do not know who would even hire a coach.  Below are some reasons why you would choose to have a mentor.

  1. You feel lost.  Maybe you are not sure if you have chosen the right career path for you, or what your purpose is in life.   Good coaching will help you figure out what your values are and what is important to you so that you can live a more fulfilled and balanced life.
  1. Feeling unhappy. Are you feeling like you are so sad or feel like you are about to lose your mind?  Maybe you are to the point where a change is necessary for you to move forward.   A mentor will help you with finding and identity the root of those unhappy feelings and guide you to better understand why you are feeling that way and then help you make positive changes.
  1. You feel stuck.  Maybe you have an important decision to make, whether you should relocate to another state, get married, or even reach your dream.  It could be anything that may consider to be a huge decision.  A professional mentor will help you determine the underlying feelings and thoughts so that you can have more clarity.  They will guide you to find the answer, but will NOT tell you what to do.
  1.  You feel scared or have a fear.  For the most part, we all have things that we are scared of. For example, you may be afraid of being successful or failing, leaving a relationship, or being alone.  A trainer will help you be able to change the way you view those fears, and stand up to them with courage (this will not eliminate all fears, we all have them and should proactively learn how to embrace them instead).
  1. You are HAPPY.  This is a wonderful time to invest in coaching because you are more open to growth and being happy is a great motivator to keeping you moving forward towards your dreams and goals.
  1. You are comfortable.  You have your scheduled routine and you are very comfortable with it, however anything that may alter this would cause a little discomfort.  This is a great time in life to have coaching to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and open new possibilities of growth for you.

All of these are examples of reasons for you to invest in mentoring, and to go back to the question many people have “Do I Need A Life Coach” it is true no one NEEDS a coach.  

However, Keep in mind some of the most famous and successful people have coaches!

Michael Jordan one of the best basketball players of all time, had a coach.  Tiger Woods had a coach. Even at the peak of his game his trainer would make sure he was continuing to improve his skills and push him to his limit.  Professional sports team have coaches that support them and no matter what level, college or high school, they need coaches behind them and supporting them in order to be successful.  

Why would living life be any different?

Coaches build partnerships with their client to help transpire positive change and improve their quality of life.  Being a solid support system by listening and observing, coaches will be there to push their client to the edge. 

Remember, no one NEEDS coaching.  But if you a short cut and choose to commit to your personal growth and want to better your life in any area and get there quickly, then coaching is a great choice for you!

You will be able to look at your life through a new perspective, fulfill your dreams, and create a life of endless happiness!


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