What Is A Life Coach?

There are multiple definitions of a Coach, however there is a common denominator in all of the definitions.  A Lifestyle Coach is a trained professional who helps people set goals and reach them, deal with life challenges, and motivate clients to create long term changes in their lives.  A certified coach or professional coach partners with you to help you maximize your potential in both your personal and professional life.

What defines a “good” coach?

Most importantly, a “good” coach is an expert that helps their clients to generate and inspire positive change.  Not all clients will have the same focal point for change. Some will be more interested in creating positive changes in their professional lives such as becoming a better manager or being promoted within their job, while others may want to focus on their personal goals, such as losing weight or quitting smoking, reducing stress, or balancing their lives. A lifestyle coach that is effective will be able to work with clients, no matter what type of goal, and help them live a more fulfilling life!

Now that you have an idea of the formal definition of a coach, your next question may be…

What do you do as a coach?

A Coach is designed to help individuals to identify their inner most talents and skills, then use them to grow and create a prosperous future. An effective coach will hold you accountable to your standards and challenge you to grow by focusing on your strengths.

In today’s world that is so complex and perplexing, coaches are here to present a new perspective, a sense of clarity, and a feeling of constancy.  Coaches help others clear obstacles that interfere with their happiness or that may be counter productive to living a life full of success.  They help create room for the life you want!  

Think about this…..

Have you ever had a dream that is so big and you have no idea how to go about achieving this?


Do you find yourself struggling to continue your fitness routine again???

These are only a few examples of areas where a coach would be able to help others with.  Accredited life coaches are trained to be able to help clients achieve and grow in any area of life they wish.

When defining a coach, some may wonder…

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A life coach is NOT a Therapist

When answering the question, “What is a coach”, it is important to distinguish between a coach and a therapist.   Although they may seem similar, there are several important differences to be noted.

-First, a coach works with a client to set “goals” that they wish to achieve, while a Therapist works with a client to solve “problems.”

-Secondly, a coach works with clients’ goals that is present and future, while a therapist helps the client resolve past issues.

-Thirdly, a coach works with individuals that are able to function effectively and desire to become more successful, while a therapist helps diagnose mental illnesses or any medical dysfunction. 

A coach focuses on goals that are happening NOW and in the future! 

EVERYONE can benefit from a coach, however no one NEEDS one.

When you choose to work with a coach, you will create momentum and raise your energy levels.  In reality, we tend to put our own dreams and goals behind when urgent life challenges arise. If we were all able to be a master at self- discipline and be successful in all areas of life, then we wouldn’t need the health industry (which is a multi-billion dollar industry). Even the people that are considered to be “goal-oriented” can lose focus and a coach will be there to help keep them on track.  Finding a coach can help you formulate a strategy and put it into action!

 You should have a good idea of what a coach is, and what coaching can do for you!   

Each and every one of us has desires and wants out of life; however it is not always easy to accomplish these by our selves.  A professional certified coach is trained to uncover obstacles that hinder success, and help YOU unlock your innermost potential.

When you are ready to make POSITIVE changes in your life and live the life you want, let Taryn know! Contact me at 786.571.7050 and it will be my honor to partner with you!

To your new life,

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