What Can You Expect To Achieve With Coaching?

Let’s be realistic.  Lifestyle coaching will not solve all of your life’s problems and does not claim to do so, well unless you are at the brink of enlightenment. And in fact, it will not solve ANY of your problems; that is all up to you.  Just like experiencing a miracle, making a “quick fix” does not have lasting gratification.

Rather, a lifestyle coach will help you and guide you towards overcoming challenges in your life.

It is true…. And at the end of the day, how you live your life and how you feel about life is up to you!  Every choice you make is your responsibility. You may often find yourself making false promises, failing, and then in return you feel even worse about yourself.   In truth, it is just as easy for a coach to make you false promises and you feel even worse than before.  That being said, that is why you should make sure you work with someone who you can hold open communication with and feel completely comfortable.

A “good” transformational coach will work with you on keeping things in perspective and realistic about what exactly your achievements will be.  They should not imply any outcome that you may not be capable of achieving.   Coaching should enable you to access resources that enhance your current or future demands.

The majority of those resources are in YOU!

Transformational coaching helps you identify those resources by tapping into your innermost talents and abilities, then using those to create the life you deserve to live.  In fact, the external forces often rely on the internal forces asking for assistance.  So, your challenge would be moving your life to a powerful level of comfort on the inside to positively affect the external forces.   

Think about this for a moment… how can you feel powerful in every area of your life?

You should live true to your purpose in life and be appreciative of your values and beliefs.  When you build inner strength you now have the foundation of living a “comfortable” life; the life we all dream of having.  When you are able to dream, define your success and then able to make those dreams come true… you are comfortable.  Coaching uses specific strategies to inspire you to take action and build a strong, trusting partnership to support you all the way there.

Imagine yourself achieving ultimate happiness and being able to live the life you have always wanted.  Just take a few moments to close your eyes and envision this….

What does that life look life?

What does it feel like?

What do you hear when you see you’ve fulfilled your dreams?

Can you feel what surrounds you?

Are there any tastes that come with happiness?

It sure feels good when you achieve your happiness doesn’t it?!  Yes, there are many different people in the world and we all have different visions of what our highest level of life’s satisfaction may be, however we all deserve to get there.  Coaching has proven to be effective in supporting people to finding their purpose in life and fulfilling their wants and desires.

What if I am not sure if a coach will be able to help me achieve or find my true-life purpose?

That is a valid question and I am sure many people feel that way when they first are introduced to coaching.  If we go back to the very first part of this article, I noted that coaching will NOT solve your problems that is up to you.  Achieving your ultimate happiness starts with you.  This is so important to understand.  Unlike a magician, a coach will not be able to magically create a new life for you.  As you can see, coaching is all about “you” and your ability to embrace change and willingness to grow.

Did you know that you can control your thoughts?

Try it right now. Think about a different thought than what you are thinking. 

See, you can control all of your thoughts, so that means we can control our emotions and feelings; when we control our emotions and feelings we control our choices; our control of choices leads to control of actions; which ends in DIFFERENT RESULTS!

This is why coaching is so valuable. Being able to identify current thoughts, finding the reasons that are behind those thoughts, and then making sure they align with your values and beliefs.  A coach empowers you be able to have crystal clear thoughts and be able to make the best choices for YOU and to achieve greater results.

When you are ready to feel comfortable in your most uncomfortable areas of your life, reach out to a coach!  For more information about coaching visit my official website or leave a comment or question below, I would love to hear your thoughts and if you like this article hit the like button and share it with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Sending joy and prosperity,

Taryn Allen


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