The Benefits of Life Coaching For Professional Athletes?

In today’s world, people tend to thrive off the vulnerability and ability of professional athletes to fail. What fans do not realize is that the professionals have their own life to live outside of their sport. They are human too, and do have everyday activities to enjoy with their family. Often people forget they have ups and downs both as an athlete and at home.

There will be times that these professional athletes need support and guidance to deal with the pressure in the sports world as well as the life experiences outside. This is where a life coach for professional athletes becomes a game changer in those athlete’s lives; helping them to deal with everyday life problems, relationships, or even breaking bad habits. Relationships can be a vital part of their career, whether it is with their family, friends, teammates, fans, or coaches. A lifestyle coach can help you balance your life as well as improve your relationships overall.

Living the life of a professional athlete can be challenging. Having fans or the media constantly criticizing or belittling every little thing you do can take a toll on you over time. It is imperative that as an athlete you realize that you are a role model for many people. Not only a role model, but also representing an organization.

For example, if an athlete gets caught drunk driving or caught doing anything illegal it rapidly spreads all over the news, internet, and social media.

Personal coaching will help you stay focused during your career and help you become the best you can be both on and off the field. Working with a coach will help avoid possible pitfalls that most athletes deal with during their careers. With proper success coaching, athletes can easily avoid those mistakes.

How many athletes have damaged their career or hindered their production from making mistakes that could have been avoided?

Most coaches and coaching staff will tell their players to be aware of what they say and do not only during a game but in public. Every athlete is held accountable for actions both on and off the field.

So, do professional athletes need and accountability partner during their tenure as an athlete?

NO! Nobody needs a success coach or partner; however, it can be highly beneficial, especially for those in a professional athletic career. The partnership is not like having a friend to hold you accountable or a family member, it is an outsider’s perspective with no judgments. A transformational coach will hold you accountable, guide you to find answers from within, support you through the challenges that life throws at you, and provide you with resources to be able to get the most from your life and your professional career.

Here are some of the benefits of transformational coaching for an athlete:

1. Dealing with being in the “lime light”

Let’s face it. There is very little room for privacy as a professional athlete. Your image is everything. Working with a self improvement coach will help you better understand why your image is vital and the importance of protecting it.

2. How To Be A Good Role Model

You are in the eye of the community and a role model for many children all over. With your stature and involvement in charities, news media, or groups it is important to be a good role model. Self improvement coaching will provide you with the tools to be the best you can be and help others in the community.

3. Having A Strong Support System

When it seems like your world is crumbling all around you, a success coach will be there for you to listen, to provide positive feedback to handle challenging situations, and not cause you harm.

4. Proper Goal Setting, Strategy, And Good Decision Making

There will be times in your career that you must set goals to reach for and to challenge you, as well as goals for your family, friends, or life after the professional sport. A coach is there to help you set those goals, support you, and be there to comfort you when making tough decisions.

5. Staying Away From Negative Situations

Drugs, alcohol and groupies are areas where most young professional athletes find trouble. The fact is if you face trouble with the law, then your value actually decreases because you become a liability for yourself, your team, and your coach. Coaching helps you keep your life on track.

6. Handling Troubles or Difficulties

So, you are faced with a situation that has led to trouble or you are trying to get past a difficult decision, do you know what to do? Do you have a plan to avoid possible future troubles? These are all great questions that athletes should be familiar with and where a coach can come in handy.

7. The Value Of Teamwork

Today’s generation focus on a superstar rather than teamwork; therefore many athletes feel that the team is either centered around the top player or themselves. The truth is team commitment plays a critical role in your success in professional sports. Coaching teaches you to value your God given talents and to use them in the best interest of your team, not only for yourself.

8. Sustaining Healthy Relationships

Relationships are vital in your life as a significant other, friend, family, teammate, parent, etc… Studies show that athletes have above average divorce rates, which can affect all parties involved as well as impact the athlete’s performance. When you work with a coach they will show you how to strengthen your relationships, and have lasting results.

Being a successful professional athlete and knowing that you have someone to count on and support you is critical. Many athletes today do not have anyone to talk to in confidence to protect their privacy. They need someone to understand what is going on and to provide a positive outlook on their future. The relationship between a success coach and athlete is different than asking a family member or friend for advice. They provide an unbiased view that will help you see life differently.

Personal coaching for professional athletes has so many benefits and will provide you tools and strategies for life.

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