The Benefits Of Life Coaching By The Phone

When initially being introduced to Transformational Coaching, it is common for people to assume coaching sessions should be done in person. That is the most effective way, wouldn’t you agree? Actually, the majority of lifestyle coaches find it more beneficial for the coaching process to be done remotely.

Now, why is that?

The fact is, technology gives us access to coaches worldwide and enables you to find a coach that is right for you.  In reality, phone sessions are more effective and convenient.

With the ability to schedule the session for a time that is best for the client, avoiding any traffic jams, and eliminating commute times, coaching over the phone makes it much more convenient. Not having to meet Person-to-person gives the client the option to speak in the comfort of their own home or place of choice. This also avoids in obstacles of picking children up from school as well as more optional time choices. Understanding that many clients have a tight schedule in their busy lives, calls can be scheduled after business hours or on weekends, allowing more flexibility.

Phone sessions are effective because often you bypass any of the normal day-to-day situations and you can get right to business, no wasting time. Clients are able to enjoy their coaching sessions by being in their comfort zone. You control your environment settings by eliminating any distractions and making sure that you are focused on yourself and your session.

One great advantage of phone sessions is that it is more economical. It is less expensive to conduct business, therefore you pay less for sessions. Clients will receive the same quality service without all of the additional fees.

Are you hesitant about holding coaching sessions over the phone?

Don’t be! Many of my clients have similar concerns before beginning, however, by the second or third call they began to see the benefits. Often, I hear from clients that they enjoy being in a place that allows them to be comfortable and at ease. Also, they feel like they can open up and be who they are with no one judging their physical reactions or emotions. This is huge in coaching because clients that allow themselves to open up receive the most benefits and those benefits are for a life time.

Below is a list of benefits and advantages of personal coaching via phone.

  1. Access To Coaches Worldwide. You will be able to find a coach that is right for you
  2. Economical. Clients pay less for phone sessions than they would person-to-person.
  3. Increased Coaching Choices And Decreased Limitations. You have tons of more coaches to choose from, not just the ones that are in your local area.
  4. The ability to locate a coach that may specialize in your needs.
  5. Not settling for a coach that is local that may not be the right fit
  6. Time Constraints Are Avoided. You have less worries about traffic or rushing to the coaching location, rather you can do the coaching in the comfort of your own home or place of choice.

Success coaching can make a positive impact on your life, no matter how you choose to, whether you do it in person or over the phone. We are all different and may require different paths, but if you are ready to change your life then transformational coaching is for you!

If you have not yet been exposed to coaching before, try to contact different coaches and get a feel for what they can offer you. It is most important that you are comfortable with your coach. Find someone that connects with you, and that you will be able to partner with, even if they are not in the same city as you, or even in the same state or country because coaching techniques are just as powerful during phone sessions.

If you are interested or would like additional information about my coaching services or lifestyle coaching in general, please visit Life Coaching By Phone.   Have a beautiful day!

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