How Does Life Coaching Compliment Yoga?

There has been a massive amount of knowledge being transferred from the Eastern teachings to the west. Holistic arts (such as

Yoga) have gained popularity among millions of Americans and many of them practice these regularly.  Since these teachings have taken root, it has also impacted the development of personal growth among the western culture.

The philosophy of yoga compliments online life coaching services by providing personalized support towards an individual’s self-awareness as well as living consciously in the present.  For many people searching for guidance outside of the physical routine of their yoga practice, coaching is perfect.  Both lifestyle coaching and yoga share the same core principles: directing individuals to find happiness and fulfillment from the inside-out.

What is Transformational Coaching?

To gain a better understanding of coaching, let’s take a look at what it is NOT. It is not counseling or therapy. These are for clinically diagnosed individuals that may need fixing or told what they need to do.  Coaching services are for emotionally healthy people that are capable of making conscious choices for themselves.

Coaching emphasizes the process of guiding clients to find their inner wisdom, getting clear on what they want, and then establishing an action plan to achieve it.  No coach should tell a client what to do, rather they share personal experiences and insights. The approach is practical and empowers the clients to become attuned to who they are and becoming co-creators in their lives.

Common Themes Between Yoga and Personal Coaching

“Self-Awareness” From The Inside-Out

The power to foster self-awareness is one of the strongest connections between yoga and coaching. In both disciplines the road to self-discovery begins by shifting the focus from the external situations towards being present “in the moment” and who we are now. By observing who you are at your core, you are able to better understand actions and how they reflect your inner values.

As a coach, I encourage clients to look at their lives from the inside out.  When we learn to focus on our inner priorities, we then can effectively create the life we want for ourselves.  Allowing and gaining access to the core of your being and your true values, you then are the cause of circumstances rather than the effect.

“Daily Awareness And Observation”

Coaching helps the client identify their true core values and how well they honor them by actions.  This is similar to the yoga concept of personal observation and studying yourself.  During the coaching process, most clients are asked to rate their satisfaction among the key areas of life, such as relationships, spirituality, health, family, and Financials.  Identifying everyday issues in any of those areas help the awareness of finding life balance, make personal transformations, as well as the connection with the spirit.

One of the most common findings among clients is that they do not consciously know what they want for themselves.  Often the desire to find a life partner may initiate action but when self-observation takes place the blocks that hold are holding you back dissipate. When realizations of the connections occur, the human experience enriches.

“The Power Of Intentions”

Coaching and yoga both focus on visualization and setting an intention. The ability to see the end result as a done deal, by reframing the obstacles as a challenge and a series of steps to overcome, will eventually lead to success.  Seeing the achievement of a desired goal, and then enjoying the process and steps it takes to get there is simply applying the effort to do so.  Not only practicing gratitude along the way, but it opens up new and unexpected possibilities.

“Keep Hope For Humanity Alive”

As people become more in-tuned with their inner world and learn the connections between the inner and outer lives, they share a positive impact not only for themselves but the world.  The more conscious awareness people become, the more they are able to create and facilitate happiness and success in their lives.  Knowing that what you say, what you think and what you do directly influences who you are at the core of your being.

In both yoga and success coaching, there is a toleration of differences that exist among humanity. Just as there are different styles of yoga that are attractive and compelling to certain people, there are a growing number of certified coaches that are available to support and guide people in diverse areas of their lives.  However the consistent goal among all life coaches are to help their clients get from where they are to where they want to be with a deeper understanding of their life and create optimum results.

As you surround yourself with those whom carry positive attitudes, and are aware of their being, you see that hope is still alive for all of humanity!

With being a certified life coach, I observe that when clients learn compassion for themselves, they shine bright with hope and surrounded with limitless possibilities.  This may seem quite simple, however, to make long lasting changes in your life there are times of challenges and it is not easy.

In both yoga and transformational coaching, you learn to appreciate the journey just as much as if you have arrived at your destination.  Being able to do this takes understanding and patience.

Having that guided support to be there for you, encourage you to take action and then celebrate all the success will make all the difference in your life and in your world.


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