How Can Life Coaching Help Teenagers Or Kids?

Teen years often bring some of the toughest times in an individual’s life cycle. During the adolescent stages, we are faced with challenges in both the present and the future leading to very difficult times.  While teens may show unruly behaviors or lash out unexpectedly, research has shown that this can be a form of escape or outlet.

During this time they have limited access to resources; for example, in order for them to show they need help they may be disobedient or break the rules for attention.  The fact is, this cry for help is often overlooked. This is when coaching can be a form of guidance and improve their understanding.

Teenagers most common concern is that their parents or other adults just don’t get it or understand what they are experiencing. This is often true any many cases. While the developmental stages do not fluctuate, the actual circumstances and external forces continuously evolve.  Your parents or grandparents faced challenges as adolescents, but they are different from what you may have faced or the future generations.

Have you heard the saying “The only guaranteed constant is CHANGE”? Well, that is the truth. It is unfair to hold expectations of how the newer generations must cope with the adolescent stages compared to previous because the world is continually changing.

As adults, many of us have had a chance to engage in coaching services or have at least heard about them and how it can benefit your life.  Lifestyle coaching has many definitions, but one way to describe it is that the coach helps, supports, and guides the client to help remove clutter, find internal navigation to solving issues or unexpected external happenings, and then find their destination or accomplish their goals.

Here are some ways that a coach can be helpful to your teen:

  • Understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviors
  • Learn how to set goals the right way, pursue those goals, and achieve them
  • Gain perspective of life and then change any negative to a positive
  • Understand and Improve communication skills: how others perceive what is being said and how to effectively communicate
  • Helps guide them to get to where they want

Most importantly, a coach will listen to the client, provide nonjudgmental views, and hold the client accountable for making lasting

changes.  These are only a few benefits that your teen can gain from working with a teen life coach and will be able to apply immediately to create the life they want and begin following their passion.

Even though many people wait until adulthood to choose to work with a coach, the skills that your teen will learn will help them get a jump start on life.  As they grow and develop they will have their little special “tool box” they can carry with them beyond the coaching relationship.

When an adolescent partner with a coach, often the sessions center around the needs of the client and managing the external forces around them.  Such as focusing on managing social skills in a school setting or with peers, family, and maybe even academic needs.  Similar to what adults may focus on just in different settings.

Change is inevitable and with continued growth, evolution is likely to occur. Dreams and passions may change for not only our generation, but future generations and beyond. With this, having learned the skills necessary to adapt to change, embrace change and address needs that need to be changed, so that you are able to cope and live in happiness.

Coaching encourages you to be true to yourself and to live a life of joy being who you are meant to be!  What a great gift for an adolescent to be able to manage the surrounding stresses and carry that with them through life!

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