Have You Considered Personal Coaching?

Why are so many individuals and executives utilizing personal coaches?  What is the rage of coaching all about?  It has been reported from the Harvard Business Reports that this is a One Billion dollar industry.  But, as many others do, you may be asking yourself….why?

Personal coaching can be defined as working with a client to maximize their professional and personal inner most potential by using a creative thought process to inspire.  Also please note that personal coaching and lifestyle coaching equally entail the same descriptions, so they may be used interchangeable through this article.

What are the features of personal coaching?

  • guides individuals to use their inner potential rather than knowledge from the outside
  • does not impose, rather it develops
  • doesn’t direct, rather reflects
  • it facilitates change, enabling individuals not training them
  • it is flexible and reactive; allowing for people to experience their own personal transitions
  • NOT judgmental, or instructional
  • Seeks to help people understand themselves and face who they are at their core

Who uses personal coaching? 

Statistics show that even in a suffering economy many corporations, organizations, and individuals either maintain or increase their commitment to their investments in personal coaching.  It is evident that coaching is very popular, and many people continue to use it.  If you are like many, you may still be unsure of what exactly coaching is and what it does?

Let me first give you several misinterpretations of success coaching or personal coaching:

  1. All personal coaches that claim the title are trained professionals who will help you achieve your goals.

Truth:  Some coaches are certified and professionally trained to help you achieve your goals, however not all that claim the title as certified.  Coaching is not currently a regulated industry so therefore anyone can call themselves a “life coach.”  I strongly suggest that you work with a coach that has been certified by an accredited professional school.

  1. One of the perks of employment for a company is receiving coaching.

Truth: Many employees may see coaching as a perk or value added benefit yet successful companies actually view professional coaching as much more than that.  When organizations utilize coaching properly the return of investment is astonishing.  Some of the most common measurable results are increased sales, employment satisfaction and engagement, levels of creativity rise, and the bottom line.  The companies that have participated in coaching have also seen improvement in employee’s team work, relationships on the job, and an overall job quality.  The return of investment has more than paid off from the use of coaching.

  1. Professional Coaches will only help you achieve your “professional” goals and Personal Coaches will only help you achieve “personal” goals.

Truth:  An effective life coach is able to help create positive change in their client’s life.  A personal coach or professional coach is an expert at assisting and speeding up the process for change whether it is for their own personal growth or whether they are looking for job advancement.  Regardless of each individual’s goals, a coach that enables the client for a better life and new perspective is a good coach.

  1. Employers only using coaching for their employees that pose issues and need the most help.

Truth:  Personal coaching was once viewed as a method to correct those employees that were not effective and were performing below standards.  This is no longer the primary focus.  In fact, organizations use the coaching tool to support their top performers and help them continue to improve.  The focus of “good” personal or professional coaching is on the strengths of the client in order to reach their goals and live a more fulfilling life.  A coach is not there to fix existing or past problems, but to create a compelling future.

  1. It takes way to much time and energy to work with a coach.

Truth:  Personal coaching is a high intensity activity that can achieve remarkable results with as little as One hour per month of your time. The Coaching technique is delivered in many different ways and has produces different results, which vary person to person.  Most prefer to do coaching on the phone for eliminating distractions, and it may be easier with our busy lives, or you are able to meet one-on-one, for more of a personal touch.  Skype is also an option.   For best personal coaching practices you should have between two to four calls per month.  Allowing only four hours a month to improve your life quality is only the beginning!

Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling that person to make better decisions to improve their quality of life.   When a person experiences being coached they will receive motivation and a positive role model.  The coaching tool is a unique way of developing people and helping them live life to its highest potential.

A “good” personal coach will empower their clients to be able to find the answers themselves!

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