8 Effective Ways To Recieve The Most From Coaching

Let’s be honest, the investments of both the time and financials in coaching are no small matter.  There is no doubt that most people want to get as much as possible from each of their coaching sessions as well as the overall coaching experience.

So, what do you need to do in order to get the most out of coaching?

Let me share with you 8 simple, yet effective ways to make sure you receive the most from your coaching experience.

1. Choose The Coach That Is Right For YOU!

I cannot express the importance enough of making sure you choose your coach carefully and that the coach is right for you.  Coaching is not counseling or a friend giving you advice; in fact it is much more than conversing and sharing advice between friends.   Determine the type of coaching that you need right now to accomplish your immediate goals, such as a holistic life coaching, spiritual life coaching etc.

You should do some research online, grasp the understanding of what coaching is, look for “real” testimonials, and make it a point to speak with several different coaches. This is key! Interview your top choices, get your questions answered, and it is imperative that you feel comfortable with your coach.  The relationship between you and your coach is crucial.

2. Goals

One of the primary reasons coaching is effective is that you are focused on achieving your goals. Coaching becomes most successful when you set goals and you know what you want to work on.

Often some people are not clear of their actual goals, so this is a great place to begin working with your coach on! You may work with your coach to set a list of goals and move forward from there.

3. Be Accountable

Make sure you really show up. Be on time, work hard, do not be afraid to take on challenges, and be ready to make lasting changes in your life. Coaching is powerful and has transformed many lives, but it is up to you to be responsible for your own life and your own actions.

Ultimately, if you want to reap the benefits of coaching you have to do the work needed to implement change and you have to want to change!

4. Every Session Is New

As you continue to work with your coach, you should view each session as a challenge and a fresh start.  By doing this you will progress forward more rapidly.  One of the best ways to manage your progress is to make a new list of action items at the end of each of your coaching sessions.

Your coach should help you create an execution plan that will help you work towards your goals and continue to take on challenges.

5. Embrace Openness

In most instances, the reason you hire a coach is because you want to move forward in your life.  Being able to move on requires openness.  You must learn to be flexible and adapt accordingly.  With this, there is very little room for being stubborn.

6. Trust Your Inner Voice

By no means should you do exactly what your coach says blindly. You should most definitely speak up if you happen to disagree with your coach or if you would like to debate anything.  The coaching session is all about you!  All of your values, beliefs, goals, opinions, and wants.

Your coach should listen to you and help guide you to answers that you find within and from your inner teacher.

7. A Coach Is Your Partner

Viewing your coach as a partner that is supporting you along your journey is a great way to gain benefits from coaching.  Ask yourself, “What would you expect from someone that you chose as your partner?”

Trust, confidence, being noticed, and having someone to listen to you are some of the primary expectations you should hold for your partner or coach.  Your coach does want you to succeed!

8. Enjoy!

Like most anything in life, if you have fun and make the best out of coaching, you will reap the greatest benefits.  Your choice to have fun with coaching is a perspective, so make sure to enjoy it!

Growth, change, and transformations can be horrible and dreadful or it can be daring, adventurous and exciting!  You make your choice!


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