7 Steps To Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

Do you find yourself procrastinating and not getting tasks done on time?

Maybe, you come up with great ideas, but it may be hard to actually speak those ideas in a meeting?

We are all faced with mental blocks that hold us back. For each mental block there is a root cause. In most cases, it comes from a negative belief that you have about yourself that was formed in your earlier stages of your life. For example, maybe things that your parents said over and over to you;

  • “Speak when you are spoken to” or
  • “If you aim too high, it will only lead you to disappointment.”

Are you interested in changing those negative beliefs and creating a more fulfilling life for yourself?

If you answered yes, then you are already taking a step in the right direction. In order to be more successful at work, in your relationships, or achieving your goals, there are a few steps that you can take to accelerate your transformation.

Here are 7 easy steps towards eliminating limiting beliefs and advancing your life:

  1. Think about three or four negative phrases that you heard frequently during your childhood. Find ones that you have attached to, and believe today. Then write them down.


For example: The more money you have, the more trouble you bring to yourself, Keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself, all men are cheaters, or Risks are dangerous and they lead to failure.


  1. Now, from these you are going to identify one that stands out and is getting in the way of pursuing your goals, happiness, and hindering your growth.


Example: All men are cheaters, so I will never be able to be in a true loving relationship. So you find it hard to love.


  1. Ask yourself: How is this limiting belief getting in the way of my happiness, success, and advancement in my life?   Spend time thinking about this and be honest with yourself. Take a look at your life, and see how this is affecting you.


  1. Now that you have established how it is blocking your growth, let’s take that negative belief and turn it around into something positive.


Example: My relationships are filled with love, joy, and respect.


  1. You have now identified a positive statement to replace the limiting belief, so expand that into several statements.

For example, I am love and I am deserving of all love. The world needs more loving people to spread the gift of love. The best way to have a loving relationship is to be love, give love, and show love. My love will shine, and I will continue to love others for who they are.


  1. This is where you would imagine yourself in the situation you would like to transform, and implement the positive statements that you created for your life. Pay close attention to the way you’re feeling, the emotions that come up and watch how this scene evokes your happiness.


With our exercise example, this is how it would go. Close your eyes and as vivid as possible, imagine yourself in a healthy, loving relationship with your significant other. Focus on the new positive set of beliefs that you have made for yourself and created for your life. What feelings and emotions arise?


  1. Taking this practice into your real-life situations. The next time you find yourself in a situation where the limiting belief is blocking you, breathe, and take a moment to relive the feelings from step 6. Place yourself back into that positive state, and flood your mind with those positive statements.


In hopes that you will not feel as challenged or blocked this time, do this over and over until it becomes your new way of thinking.

If you would like to take charge of your life by overcoming your limiting beliefs, then start with the thoughts from your past that have been holding you back from creating a compelling future.   Take one at a time, and make it part of your thinking pattern, then go to another one, and find yourself on the road towards having what you want!

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