5 Common Habits Successful People Practice

What Do You Consider “Successful?”

In most cases the definition of success varies by individual preference not by the accepted benchmarks of the external norms. We are forced to adapt to the ever-evolving world and during this process we are able to redefine success.  Whether by necessity of age, situations, or period, we are continually challenged to create ways to define who we are, our purpose and joy in life.

Often when we see someone that fits the label of “successful,” we automatically assume that they have every area of their life figured out. It really doesn’t matter what you want to be successful, there are key steps that will help you to get closer to the goals you have set and one day conquers them.

There are 5 main habits that successful people have in common and by attempting to follow these you will be able to attain success.

 1. Make Sure You Have The End Result In Mind

Before you intend on accomplishing a goal, the first step is defining what the actual goal is.  When you set a precise and clear goal, you generate internal pressure and excitement that kicks your motivation into 5th gear. Knowing your end result sets your intentions into motion rather than you are stopping half way through it.

Having that in mind, you must also ensure that the goal you have set is attainable to you. This does not mean it has to be easy rather it should reach outside of your comfort zone and challenge you.  The goal may cause a sense of fear or uncertainty, but by chunking down and setting smaller goals, you will feel accomplished instead of feeling like it is a never going to be finished.  Setting a goal that is challenging yet attainable is the first step to producing success in your life.

2. Have A Plan And Structure

In our busy lives, we often feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks at hand. One of the most beneficial ways to overcome this challenge is to take notice in where you spend your time and be particular where you decide to spend it.

When you have tasks that are priority over others set aside a specific amount of time to get those done.  When you do this it helps avoid excuses, such as “I will do it later” or “I will do it tomorrow.”

Not having a plan of action will lead to procrastination; which is the number one downfall to not having structure. To prevent procrastination take time to write down your tasks, prioritize with due dates, then plan out your day accordingly. You do not have to schedule every single moment of your day. Downtime is recommended in order to re-group, just do not have too much of it.

3. Overcome Failures and Be Persistent

Believe it and face it, failure is inevitable when pursuing your goals. Many successful people view failure as growth and an opportunity to be able to take it to the next level.  When you choose to see the small failures in a positive manner, not negative, your chances of succeeding increase tremendously.

Better yet, when you have failed make sure to acknowledge it, accept it, but do not push it to the back burner.  Facing failure head on is the best way to overcome those challenges and then simply try it all over again. Sometimes failures are the best indications of success!

4. Keep it Positive!

The path to success is not always smooth. With all of the stress the external world puts on us to become successful can often get very discouraging.  However a positive mindset will set you down the right track to accomplish the goals you aspire.  Let me share with you a few thoughts that you should keep in your mind to build confidence and maintain excitement for your endeavor.

  • Take risks, take chances, and step outside your comfort zone to challenge yourself
  • Remove “can’t” from your vocabulary and exchange with “I can”
  • Keep a positive support system
  • Reward yourself for milestones accomplished towards your goal
  • Speak nicely to yourself and speak words of encouragement

Take notice of all your hard work and allow that to motivate you!

5. Have A Solid Support System

No matter what area of life your goal is , we all require a boost or help at some point.  Having someone or a small group of people as your cheerleaders and support system provides motivation and encouragement for your success.

Also the ability to communicate effectively with your support system is key.  This will help minimize mistakes and failure rates as well as ensuring that different aspects are covered. If you have someone to bounce ideas off of it could lead to creativity and “stability” in your work.

Here are some benefits of having a support system:

  • Holds you accountable
  • Receiving positive reinforcement
  • External motivation
  • An outside perspective
  • Feedback that is not emotionally attached and constructive criticism

Set yourself up for success by utilizing the 5 common habits that other successful people practice!

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