10 Ways To Overcome Worry In Your Life

Having a little bit of worry in your life is healthy.  It allows you to be prepared and alert for any misfortune events that may arise. However, when you worry too much you create unnecessary stress in your life and bring about misery.  Often one worry leads to another worry, then before you know it you’re in a tangled web of worries.

Below are techniques to help manage your amount of worry and learn to rekindle your desire for life.

  1. Do Not Create A Superstition That You Worry, It Will Prevent Bad Things From Happening To You

People that are considered “worriers” will make themselves believe that if they worry enough, then nothing will actually happen, even if this is mostly on a subconscious level.

Now, doesn’t this seem quite silly to you?

Well, the reasoning behind this is that most of the things you worry about do not occur, therefore your superstition of worrying gets reinforced.   The fact of the matter is that you are worrying about something bad or good, it would happen even if you didn’t worry!

2.  Find other ways to motivate yourself rather than worry

It is common for people to believe that worry will motivate you. In reality, there is some truth to this.

Things will be completed if you worry because you want to complete the task and release the pain.  There are so many other ways to motivate yourself than by using something painful.

For example, give yourself something nice for completing a task such as sweets, or an extra 10 minutes to do something you enjoy.  Instead of removing pain, try and create pleasure to motivate you.

3.  Notice That You Worrying Is Not The Solution To Your Problems

We often convince ourselves that if we think about a problem over and over we will be able to solve it; but that is not the case.  The most common question that a worrier will ask is “what if…?” This will initiate the steps towards a solution yet nothing further comes from it.

Researchers have found that you cannot actually worry and solve problems at the same moment.  Worry causes anxiety; putting your mind in fight-or-flight mode, which is not actually beneficial to solving problems.

4.  Look At Fear In The Eye Rather Than Worrying About It Consistently

Those individuals who do not worry are able to learn from the things they fear, unlike those who worry.  Many people actually fear public speaking and for the most part after facing it a few times, they find out that it was not as bad as they had created in their mind. However the worriers will not have the ability to see this because the emotional cloud that overwhelms them and blocks them to see past the fear.  By worrying you may be “suppressing” your fears.

My suggestion would be to try your best to experience those things that worry you and you worry about.  Face your fears!

5.  You Are Actually More Prepared To Handle Something Bad Now Then If You Worry About It

Sometimes people think that worrying will prepare them for anything bad that comes their way, but as we learned above, it actually hinders you.

We are born to be pliant therefore if something bad does happen then you are more apt to be able to handle it.  All the worrying is not necessary.

6.  What Is The Absolute Worst Thing That Will Happen To You?

Ask yourself this question.  Ultimately, when you worry the underlying reasoning is that you fear it will kill you. In reality, it won’t!  The absolute worst-case scenario in all your worries may be bad, but will not kill you.

Give yourself credit to be able to handle those negative situations that you face because you do have the ability to.  Being honest with yourself about the worst possible outcome will prepare you for it and may not seem as bad in the end.

7.  Overcome Your Superstition And Show Yourself That The Majority Of Your Worries Actually Do Not Occur.

If you feel that you are a “worrier’ then each day write down all the things that you have worried about.  Keep this and at the end of the day go through each one and notate which worries actually happened or did not.

You may be surprised, but most things you worry about do not happen.

Let me ask you… Why waste all that energy on worrying???

8.  Spend Time Worrying

One of the most powerful techniques used for those who worry is that they actually set aside a certain time of the day or certain times each day spending time worrying.

Allow yourself to worry throughout the specified time period only, then spend the rest of your time enjoying life!!!

9.  Train Your Physical Body On How To Relax.

When your body is relaxed, it is more challenging to create worry.  Your muscles become tightened when you worry and when you learn to relax your mind your body will follow.

Spend time every day training your muscles to relax.  The more you practice the more control you will have and your body will relax and worries will go away.

Another important aspect is to control your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths, filling up your belly.  This will aid in the relaxation of your body and mind.

10.   Focus On The NOW Instead Of Past or Future.

The worrying of “what if….” actually focuses on the past and the future rather than what is occurring.

If you’re always focused on the future, then you are missing out on what is happening in your life right now.

But right now is where you should be and enjoying the life you are given.

Using the above techniques will help to quiet the chatter and alleviate your anxious mind.  Start making small steps to let go of worry and begin living your life to the fullest!  Visit this website for more.


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