10 Reasons To Hire A Career Coach

One of the first questions that I hear from many people is “ Do I really need a Career Coach?” Every question is a great question and I understand why this is common among most. The fact is, the majority of people actually fear asking someone for help if they are considering a career change or looking for a job. But, that just seems bogus.

Put it this way, if you needed to have your tooth pulled out, would you perform the surgery on yourself? Or would you go to the dentist?

In life, we need help, whether it is as complicated a surgery or whether we just need help making a change. Often our ego gets in the way, so we try to figure out everything on our own. With help from a career coach or life coach, they will provide you with a different or a new perspective on your situation and better help you see all angles.

Why is this important? Well, partnering with someone that can share tools with you to approach your challenge, can lead to a quicker, more effective outcome. Often, life throws curve balls at us and our reaction can affect ourselves as well as others around us. Career coaching is highly effective and will dig underneath the surface to help you find a job that is not just means of survival for you, but another part of your happiness.

Working with a career coach or professional coach has many benefits. Below are 10 reasons why partnering with a coach is effective.

  1. Return Of Investment (ROI)

According to surveys, the companies that invested in career coaching for their staff have seen 3 times the investment. Results also show decreased turnover, less people using sick days, and overall happier employees.

  1. Creates Positive In Your Life

Most importantly, a career coach is a positive attribute to your life, and this is the best way to start by surrounding yourself with positivity. Family and friends are not always positive. Coaches are specially trained to provide you with motivation and focus on positive outcomes.

  1. Dramatic Improvement In Your Relationships

Relationships are part of your life, no matter what; your friends, family,and co-workers require a relationship. With career coaching, your relationships are positively impacted and studies suggest your job satisfaction improves, and so does your overall quality of relationships.

  1. Time Is Of the Essence

Coaching understands that you have a busy schedule, with your family, professional career, and social life so the time needed for coaching is minimal. It has been proven that spending one hour weekly with your coach can impact your life greatly. Taking one hour a week to spend on yourself, doesn’t seem that hard, but it is worth it.

  1. Tells You What You NEED, Not What You Want To Hear

Although it may seem like it, a career coach is not your friend, they are your stimulus for change. They provide unbiased feedback that is not emotionally biased, unlike the opinions of your friends or family. They will do their best to empower you to take action and strive for your next goal in your career.

  1. Following Footsteps Of Successful People

People believe that career coaching is for those who are struggling. THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH! In fact, the most successful people have coaches to support them, and to be their biggest cheerleader to achieve their full potential. This shows the world you believe in yourself!

  1. Break Bad Habits That Limit You

An effective coach should not tell you what to do, rather they help you identify roadblocks or bad habits that hinder your success. Once these have been uncovered, they teach you ways to accomplish your goals and make your dreams reality.

  1. Employer May Pay For It

Executive coaching is popular and most companies will pay for their top leaders to partner with a career coach. However, this trend is changing and companies are putting coaching for employees in the budget. Why? Because they are helping employees’ happiness at work, and this spreads like wildfire to not only other employees but consumers. Positively affects business.

  1. Mind And Desire To Be Successful

By choosing to work with a coach, you are showing your employers that you have the mindset to succeed and advance in your career. You indicate that you think like an executive and the results will show.

10.  You Deserve To Be Happy In Your Career

Isn’t being happy at the top of your list? Well, it should be! You deserve to have greater career satisfaction and taking action is key. Give yourself a chance to enjoy working and do that by first having the positive support system from a coach.

Have you heard the saying, if you love your job you will not work a day in your life?

It is true, and people that enjoy what they do live a much more fulfilling life.   FACT:  We spend approximately One third of our lives working. Do yourself a favor and find happiness in your career.

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